Yasushi SEKINE

Yasushi SEKINE

  • Catalysis
  • Professor
  • Office: Room 65-301A
  • Phone: +81-3-5286-3114
  • Fax: +81-3-5286-3114
  • Email : ysekine@waseda.jp

Research Interests

Our research group is concerned with the catalysis working at low temperature using electric field or reduction/oxidation cycle of lattice oxygen in oxide.

Hydrogen/Syngas production using highly structured metal-supported catalysts

Various metal-supported catalysts, including Ni, Mn, Fe, Co, Cu, Pt, Rh, Pd etc., are prepared by wet impregnation method over perovskite or other structured oxide support. We conduct steam reforming of hydrocarbon/alcohol to produce hydrogen/syngas and evaluate the fine structure of the catalysts by IR/EXAFS/XANES/XPS/TPR/TPD/FE-SEM/STEM and transient response tests using isotope. We have found that the lattice oxygen in perovskite support, works as an active oxygen for the reaction.

Natural gas conversion to produce higher valuable compounds

We are developing novel methods for converting natural gas, i.e. methane, in a single and direct reaction to produce higher valuable hydrocarbons. Using electric field enables low temperature catalytic reactions, and effective conversion of methane can be achieved.

Application of electric field or plasma for low temperature catalytic reaction

We are developing novel catalytic systems which can work at ambient/low temperature using plasma or an electric field. Catalytic reaction in an electric field enables low temperature steam reforming of methane to produce hydrogen even at 423 K with few watts of electricity.


Electric field enables low temperature catalytic reactions


B.S. The University of Tokyo (1993); Dr. Engineering, The University of Tokyo (1998); Research Associate, The University of Tokyo (1998-2001); Research Associate, Waseda University (2001-2003); Assistant Professor, Waseda University (2003-2007); Associate Professor, Waseda University (2007-2012); Professor, Waseda University (2012-); Award for Young Scientist, the Japan Petroleum Institute (2005), Award for Young Scientist, the Catalysis Society of Japan (2007); The JIE Progress Award, the Japan Institute of Energy (2010). Fellow of Japan Science and Technology Agency (2011-).

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