Miharu Eguchi

Miharu Eguchi

  • Materials design engineering
  • Associate professor
  • Office: Room 65-408A
  • Phone: +81-3-5843-9923
  • Email: eguchi@waseda.jp

Research Interests

Nano-monodzukuri by controlling charge distribution.

When we create things by hands, we use forces such as gravity, elastic force, and frictional force. On the other hand, for chemical “Nano-Monodzukuri”, it is necessary to consider simultaneously many types of interactions with opposing strengths, such as chemical bond forces, intermolecular forces, and field forces. This is an attempt to control the charge distribution throughout the reaction system, which is an exciting challenge that requires a comprehensive understanding of chemistry. By assembling more precisely designed chemical reaction systems, we aim to create products that are friendly to the earth.

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