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Research Interests

Our research focuses on the synthesis of inorganic-based functional materials that are applicable in various fields. Hierarchically ordered structures are built based on self-assembly of well-designed building blocks under mild conditions, aiming at the creation of new functions.

Nanoporous materials have many potential applications such as in catalysis and adsorption. Cage-type siloxanes are useful as nanobuiding blocks for constructing porous materials owing to their rigidity, high symmetry, and reactivity at the corner Si sites. We are currently interested in the design of higher order structures consisting of such cage siloxane units as well as their functionalization by introducing hetero atoms to impart catalytic activity.

Functionalization of nanostructured inorganic materials by utilizing diverse functions of organic compounds is another important research topic. Photo-responsive materials that can change their structures or shapes are synthesized by ordered arragement of the siloxane monomer or oligomers modified with photo-functional organic groups. On the other hand, learning from the self-healing mechanism found in biological systems, we are trying to synthesize self-healing hybrid materials based on the reversible hydrogen bonding of peptides or other organic compounds grafted to inorganic networks.

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B.S., Waseda University (1995); Ph.D., Waseda University (2002); Researcher, Showa Denko (1997-1999); JSPS research fellow, Waseda University (2002-2003), University of California, Santa Barbara (2003-2004); CREST research fellow (2005-2006); Research Associate, Assistant Professor, The University of Tokyo (2006-2008); Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo (2008-2013); Associate Professor, Waseda University (2013-2017), Professor (2017-); Award for Young Investigator of The Ceramic Society of Japan (2006).

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