• Applied Physical Chemistry
  • Professor
  • Office: Room 121-513
  • Phone: +81-3-5843-7948
  • Email : a.fukunaga@aoni.waseda.jp

Research Interests

Energy is the foundation that supports industry and society. In order to realize a sustainable society, we aim to develop materials that enable the promotion of renewable energy and energy saving and devices that use them. In the energy creation field, we are developing low-cost, high-performance electrodes. In the energy transportation and storage field, we are working on research and development of safe and highly efficient systems and materials that use hydrogen as an energy carrier.


B.Eng. (Waseda University 1982); Ms.Eng. (Waseda University 1984); Nippon Oil Co. Ltd., (present JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy Co.) (1984-2019); Ms. Science, (Carnegie Mellon University 1997); Ph.D. (Waseda University 1999);
Professor, Waseda University (2019-)

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